Things To Consider When Buying A Trailer

  • What are you hauling ?
  • How heavy is the equipment you’re hauling ?
  • Do you need a bumper pull, pintel hitch , gooseneck ?
  • How many ramps do you need ?
  • How many axels ?
  • Do you need an upper deck ?
  • Are you looking to haul cars ?
  • Do you need side rails ?
  • Do you need something with hydraulics ?
  • Can your vehicle handle the size of the trailer that you’d like to purchase ?
  • How long are you wanting the trailer ?
  • Are you wanting anything custom ?

Cosmetic Features To Consider

  • What color are you wanting the trailer ?
  • Do you want a custom pin stripe color ?
  • Do you want a custom decal color ?
  • Do you want different rims ?
  • Do you want non standard tires ?
  • Are you wanting a metallic finish ?
  • Do you want a matte finish ?
  • Do you want your floors painted ?
  • Do you want the trailer more than one color ?


These are many of the things that may need to be considered when purchaseing the trailer that you would like. If you find yourself asking more questions than give us a call and let us help you with any that you may have. Buying a trailer can be an awesome thing , but you need to make sure that the trailer is built to your needs and wants. We strive to make our customers as happy as we can. So if you have any concerns or would like to know a little more about what your buying contact us , and we’ll be more than glad to help you.


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