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Build Your Custom Hot Shot Trailer Today

Customize a new hot shot trailer with Custom Built Gooseneck Trailers in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Our hot shot trailers are built with reliability, durability, comfort, and versatility in mind. We focus on getting you to your destination without the need to pull over because of an equipment malfunction. We’ve accumulated standard specifications and features (below) for our hot shot trailers but if you need custom specifications, we can handle it. Contact us today to start building your new custom built hot shot trailer.

Customized Length

Customized Length

Custom hot shot trailers vary in length from 35′ to 48′.

Side Mount Toolbox

Side Mount Toolbox

Custom build your trailer to have a safe and secure side mount toolbox.

Jack Options

Jack Options

Build your custom hot shot trailer with electric jacks, two speed jacks, or hydraulic jacks.

D.O.T Legal

D.O.T Legal

Custom hot shot trailers are built with safety chains, electric breakaway, mud flaps and reflective tape.

Hot Shot Trailer Custom Features & Options


35-48 feet in length

Deck Height

Low profile, standard frame or low boy

Axle Ratings

10k’s, 12k’s, 15k’s or 22.5k’s


Spring, hutch or air suspension

Dovetail Options

6 foot dovetail, 5 foot dovetail, center pop-up, kickers, cleats, dozer ramps, stand up ramps, or straight deck with 8 foot slide-in ramps

Toolboxes & Storage

Gooseneck riser or side mount toolbox


Electric, electric over hydraulic disc brakes, or air brakes


Electric, two speed, or hydraulic jacks

D.O.T Legal

Equipped with: safety chains, electric breakaway, mud flaps & reflective tape


Lifetime warranty on workmanship of the trailer

Other Options

Color of your choice

More options are available, please contact us to learn more.