Oilfield Trailer built by Custom Built Gooseneck Trailers

Build Your Custom Oilfield Trailer Today

Customize a new oilfield trailer with Custom Built Gooseneck Trailers in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Our oilfield trailers are designed to handle rough, off-road terrain. They are also built to last harsh conditions and can handle the toughest of jobs. Contact us today to start building your new custom built oilfield trailer.

Customized Length

Customized Length

We can build custom oilfield trailers to any desired length.

Side Mount Toolbox

Side Mount Toolbox

Custom build your trailer to have a safe and secure toolbox.

Tire Options

Tire Options

Build your custom oilfield trailer with 17.5 inch tires or 22.5 inch tires.

D.O.T Legal

D.O.T Legal

Custom oilfield trailers are built with safety chains, electric breakaway, mud flaps and reflective tape.

Oilfield Trailer Showcase

Oilfield Trailer Custom Features & Options


53 feet to 56 feet

Deck Height

34 inch or 40 inch


SR235 / 80R16 10 ply Trail Finder

Toolbox & Storage

Optional side mount toolbox, lockable chain basket located at the front of the trailer 

Cross Members

Manufactured with more welds in the cross members to handle twisting and turning when traveling off road

D.O.T Legal

Equipped with: safety chains, electric breakaway, mud flaps & reflective tape


Lifetime warranty on workmanship of the trailer

More options are available, please contact us to learn more.